Ontario schools long have required students to be tolerant of our many differences, including such things as our genetic differences, our places of birth, our languages, our religions, our beliefs, etc.. It is very important that every student should have a school in which they are neither bullied nor physically harmed, and in which unresolvable differences of opinion are dealt with not with threats and violence, but with civilized discussion or with a simple agreement to disagree but to tolerate the other person's views.

However, especially since the election of Kathleen Wynne's Liberals, Ontario's schools have taken a turn for the worse. Instead of teaching children the tools they need to think and choose, Kathleen Wynne's agenda has schools teaching children that they must agree with and support a host of beliefs and attitudes. Even in elementary school - before children have any ability to collect and evaluate evidence - students are expected to accept as gospel a wide variety of beliefs about climate, gender, sexuality, morality, and politics.

In many cases, students are expected to treat all beliefs as merely subjective; to treat all opinions as possibly true and equally worthy of being taken seriously and respected. For the Liberals, it is not enough for people to be civil and tolerant of differences of opinion. Every opinion is to be respected and valued, unless Kathleen Wynne's Liberals have condemned it.

At the same time, teaching methods that essentially have students attempt to teach themselves such things as mathematics by way of "experiential learning" have left many students confused, and have left them with a false impression that they are incapable of learning when, in fact, the real problem is that nobody is teaching them. Reading skills, likewise, have been undermined by way of "whole language" methods that de-emphasize phonics, and by way of de-emphasizing the knowledge of grammar. Such students are left ill-equipped to read some of the most important written works in human history.

The entire approach to eduction in Ontario has essentially moved away from giving children the skills they need to make logical, evidence-supported discoveries, and to evaluate the truth or falsity of the claims of others. It has moved toward giving diplomas to individuals who lack those skills, who lack confidence and self-esteem because they lack those skills, and who, as a result, are more dependent upon government to tell them what to believe, what to do, who to vote for, and where to pick up their dwindling government hand-out.

Ontario schools are in need of improvement. A Freedom government will make the changes necessary to ensure that today's children and young adults graduate with the skills and confidence they will need to make rational, productive decisions for themselves about what to believe, and what to do with their skills. Among those changes will be the following:

  • Elementary school students will be taught the biology of male and female sex differences and reproduction. They will not be taught sexual techniques, sexual preferences, gender theories, or other age-inappropriate material. Kathleen Wynne's gender agenda will be removed from the curriculum.

  • Teachers will be expected to fulfil the role of instructor, instead of playing the "experiential learning" role of a person who facilitates a student left to teach himself/herself.

  • With respect to reading and comprehension, emphasis on phonics and grammar will be restored. Ontario students should be second to none in respect of reading, comprehension, and writing skills.

  • Students will be shown how correctly to carry out fundamental mathematical procedures. Ontario students should be second to none in respect of mathematics.

  • Politics, teacher/employer disputes, and social engineering will be kept out of the classroom.

  • Children will be expected to tolerate, but not to value, that with which they disagree. The goal will be empowering students to think for themselves.
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