The world has been several degrees warmer on average in the past, and it has been several degrees colder on average in the past. The climate is changing, as it always has, and always will.

To date, humanity does not have any technology that allows it to prevent the climate from changing. However, that has not stopped most politicians from using the fear of climate change as an excuse to introduce new wealth redistribution schemes - taxes, levies, regulations, carbon trading schemes - in the name of "fighting climate change". None of these schemes has had any demonstrable effect on the climate. What these schemes have achieved is a redistribution of wealth from those who earn it to those who do not (including both crony corporations and a Liberal government that hopes to buy votes with "free" stuff paid for with additional taxes).

Ontario's Progressive Conservative ("PC") party and the New Democratic Party ("NDP") have refused to oppose the Liberals' expensive and ineffective climate fighting schemes, because climate-fighting has the support of approximately 50-60% of the population. None of the parties currently holding seats in the Ontario legislature stands with the 40-50% of the population who wants an end to all forms of climate-fighting schemes. Some PC politicians oppose a "carbon tax", but do not oppose other forms of a "price on carbon", such as cap-and-trade.

Gasoline price pie chart

A Freedom government will put an end to all provincial climate-fighting programs. It will cancel the Liberal government's Climate Change Action Plan, dismantle cap-and-trade, and withdraw from the Western Climate Initiative.

Toronto's changing waterfront

Federally, the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau has set up a levy/tax on the energy resources upon which a healthy Ontario economy depends (the so-called federal "backstop"). Revenues from the federal backstop are forwarded to provinces that do not set up their own anti-carbon system. Like cap-and-trade and other carbon-taxing schemes, the federal backstop would have the effect of raising the price of gasoline and other fuels. Therefore, a Freedom government will repeal Ontario's provincial gasoline and fuel taxes to neutralize the harmful economic effects of the federal backstop levy.

Humanity lacks the technology to fight climate change, but it has the technology to adapt to the effects of climate change. Indeed, humans have adapted to the effects of climate change on an ongoing basis. For example, the shoreline of Toronto has been altered as needed or wanted, to make it serve the purposes of human life in the area.

A Freedom government will approach climate change from the demonstrably effective and much less costly perspective of adapting to the effects of climate change as and when appropriate.

A Freedom government will not use climate change as an excuse to raise taxes and transfer wealth from those who earn it to those who do not.

If a federal carbon levy is imposed, a Freedom government will oppose the federal levy in court as a unconstitutional violation of the division of powers, because the federal levy is imposed for the raising of a revenue for provincial purposes, and the imposition of such a levy falls exclusively within provincial jurisdiction.

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