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Please explain to me how Mr. Frampton believes he is able to effectively argue for Sunday shopping from a Christian point of view [Consent No. 4, Sunday Shopping and Christian Ethics]. He uses quotes from the Bible in the same out-of-context style as his opponents do on this issue to argue the reverse. His pragmatist argument is not effective at all and leaves me with an uneasy feeling about the Freedom Party allowing this to be published and wondering what underlying principles are at the foundation of the Party.

Some of my confidence in the Party was immediately restored while reading the article following Mr. Frampton's on Rational Movies written by Marc Emery [Films for the Rational Filmgoer]. Please do not let the Freedom Party slip into the Libertarian ways of preaching freedom for the sake of freedom. There is a reason why freedom is essential to our lives and this is the first time I've noticed a lack of consistency in an article published by the Freedom Party.

Keep up the good work. Last year's calendar was very good and I am looking forward to the 1989 version with great anticipation.

November, 1988

Paul Horachek

EDITOR: You are quite correct when you say that pragmatic out-of-context arguments are ineffective and counterproductive to the issues behind Sunday shopping. But pointing out the inherent hypocrisy behind many such arguments is often worth the effort, and is certainly not intended as being a basis for Freedom Party's philosophy or platform. Rest assured that all of Freedom Party's political positions are based on sound, rational, objective principles - and we always keep ourselves open to the constructive criticism of others. As to Sunday shopping itself, we trust that our literature and public advocacy of freedom of choice in Sunday shopping should provide more than enough evidence of our principled stand on the issue. (See "Yes to freedom of choice ad). Let us know what you think. Send your comments, questions, praise, etc. to e-mail.

Originally published: Freedom Flyer 13

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