Freedom Party of Ontario ("FPO") is a registered political party under the laws of the province of Ontario.

FPO's positions on the issues are guided by our principled views on how the government should make and enforce decisions and laws. They can be summed up briefly as commitments to reality, reason, self, and consent.

We believe that government decisions should be founded only upon facts and claims that are supported, ultimately, by physical evidence. Government decision making should be strictly logical, and should ignore claims, conclusions, or decisions that are not backed by physical evidence.

We believe that a government must respect your rational pursuit of your own happiness, and must not make you your neighbour's keeper. To that end, we seek a government that makes and enforces laws that prevent anyone from taking your life, liberty, or property without your consent.

If you support FPO's principled views on how the government should make and enforce decisions and laws, FPO is your party.

If you like at least some of FPO's election planks, FPO is your party.

FPO's objectives are set out in the party's constitution:

(a) to encourage voters to vote for FPO candidates in provincial elections and by-elections;

(b) to influence government through the election of FPO members of the Ontario provincial Legislature, for the better protection in Ontario of every individual's life, liberty and property; and

(c) to build and support the FPO as an organization of people who will work toward the achievement of objectives (a) and (b).

To learn more about FPO and what it has proposed and advocated since the party was founded, visit FPO's large and continually growing Freedom Archive, where you will find TV appearances, radio broadcasts, news coverage, past election platforms and so much more over the period 1980 to present. You can also contact us directly:

P.O. Box 43008 RPO Highland
London, Ontario N6J 0A7
Telephone: 519-681-3999

e-mail: feedback@freedomparty.on.ca

FaceBook: facebook.com/fpontario

YouTube: youtube.com/fpontario

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Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/fpontario

Twitter: twitter.com/pontario

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