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June 1998

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Instead of bringing you our regular "Openers" column this issue (which will return next issue), we thought we'd use this opportunity to let our readers do some of the talking, and to introduce you to a new regular feature of Freedom Flyer : Feedback, containing selected letters received by Freedom Party from January 1997 to May 1998.

As always, your comments, criticisms, suggestions, and occasional compliments are always welcome. Contact us !

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    What does Freedom Party think of the Calgary Framework, you ask? Well, Fp leader Lloyd Walker says, in a December 15, 1997 letter delivered to each of Ontario's 130 MPP's (Member of Provincial Parliament), "The word 'freedom' does not appear even once in a 'framework' that is presumably meant to redefine the Canada of the future." And, Fp vice-president William Frampton states, in Freedom Party's official submission to the Ontario Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs, that the Calgary Declaration "is a dangerous document that no loyal Canadian could ever support, and Freedom Party condemns it absolutely." Walker also said that "The Calgary Framework is about government power and their ability to force a rather perverse vision of diversity upon us."

  • Fp FEATURE: "No Room for Freedom in Calgary Framework", Walker's Message to Legislature
  • Fp FEATURE: "Futile Attempt" says Frampton in Official Fp Submission
  • Fp FEATURE: Calgary Framework Gets Rough Ride at Public Meeting


    Fp president Robert Metz was one of the key speakers participating in this year's Progressive Group for Independent Business (PGIB) Roots of Change Conference held at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto. Also at the event was Fp leader Lloyd Walker, whose comments to a Toronto Star reporter set the tone for that paper's coverage of the event.

  • Fp FEATURE: "Freedom First!" Metz Urges Conference
  • Newspaper Article: THE TORONTO STAR: "Unite-the-right's downmarket element", March 21, 1998


    Elijah EieffThe travesty of justice involving former London landlord and businessman Elijah Elieff continues, but with hope in sight. Members of the London Property Management Association listened to Fp president Robert Metz describe Mr. Elieff's encounter with the Ontario Human Rights Commission Board of Inquiry (previously documented in Freedom Flyer and Consent) which eventually led to the total loss of his Cheyenne Avenue apartment buildings and submarine sandwich shop. (More details at

  • Fp FEATURE: Funds Appeal Launched


    In a column printed in The London Free Press, Financial Post editor Diane Francis endorses political activists Maurice King and Janet Hicks, publisher and editor, respectively, of DIALOGUE, a publication committed to freedom of expression. Ms. Francis also mentions the contribution of Jim McKee, whose political activism is also having an effect on his community (in the Freedom Briefs section of this issue.)

  • Newspaper Article: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "Letter writers who nudge the agenda", April 7, 1998


    Stating "We have a commitment to the kids of this city", Fp member and London public school board trustee Robert Vaughan advocates ordering illegally striking teachers back to work with a court injunction. The teachers had gone on strike to protest Bill 160, a package of education reforms aiming to cut costs in Ontario government-funded education. Read a letter to the editor accusing Robert of "blatantly neglecting his duties" to students, staff and the public, and Robert's response to that letter. Also, a letter from Freedom Party supporter Craig Stevens condemning the illegal strike. See also the Freedom Brief in this issue concerning Freedom Party's counter-demonstration to the illegal teachers' strike.

  • Newspaper Article: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "Trustee backs an injunction to end strike", October 3, 1997
  • Letter to the Editor: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "Vaughan triumphs his own interests", November 29, 1997
  • Letter to the Editor: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "No self-interest in trustee's stand", December 11, 1997
  • Letter to the Editor: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "Teachers broke law with strike action", January 26, 1998

  • Fp FEATURE: Harris considering proportional representation? Fp may have given boost to Ontario electoral reform.
  • Fp FEATURE: Comments appreciated by Manning Fp vice president writes Reform leader with congratulations and constructive criticism.
  • Fp FEATURE: Fp a 'national treasure' says Armstrong Praise like this is encouraging to hear from a valued supporter like Joe Armstrong.
  • Fp FEATURE: APEC Anniversary! Alliance for the Preservation of English in Canada turns 20 years old.
  • Fp FEATURE: Who is 'Frank Stevens'? Who knows?
  • Fp FEATURE: Property rights dialogue Fp president Robert Metz tells why property rights are essential.
  • Fp FEATURE: Another DIALOGUE DIALOGUE magazine - committed to freedom of expression.
  • Fp FEATURE: Quest for equality Longtime Fp member offers his observations on the myth of 'equality'.
  • Fp FEATURE: London's other voice Fp member Jim Montag runs for Mayor of London.
  • Fp FEATURE: Flat tax advocate Fp president and Reform MP hit it off.
  • Fp FEATURE: Approaching Libertarians Fp wants to work with Ontario Libertarians.
  • Fp FEATURE: Bill 81 dissolves 17 Fp constituency associations Provincial bill redistributes provincial ridings.
  • Fp FEATURE: Freedom Party Reprimanded For what?!?!
  • Fp FEATURE: Dorothy Nother remembered In memorial to a long time Freedom Party member.
  • Fp FEATURE: Left-Right-Center marches on Fp president Robert Metz continues controversial radio show.
  • Fp FEATURE: Issues of the day Address given by Fp president Robert Metz appears in Canadian Speeches.
  • Fp FEATURE: Website draws visitors from around the world Freedom! Available anywhere, anytime, on demand, on the Web.
  • Fp FEATURE: Government obligated to criminalize drugs, says Minister of Justice Won't they ever learn?
  • Fp FEATURE: Prohibition - an 'outdated' philosophy? Once again... Won't they ever learn?
  • Fp FEATURE: Racist on Campus UWO student accuses Fp president Robert Metz of being 'racist' following class presentation.
  • Fp FEATURE: Pickets for Pause Fp leader and president participate in counter-protest to illegal teacher walkout.
  • Fp FEATURE: Vaughan re-elected education trustee Fp member will continue to be a voice of reason on London public school board.

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