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October 1997

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Fp Leader
Lloyd Walker
Fp Leader Lloyd Walker

  • Lloyd Walker: --- Evolutionary
  • "Political activists and leaders are neither born, nor made. They evolve."

    So says Freedom Party's newly appointed interim leader, Lloyd Walker, who tells us of the evolution of his involvement with Freedom Party. His message: that changing the political landscape in favour of freedom is an evolutionary process, not a revolutionary one. And, he says that our evolution must continue.


  • Fp FEATURE: Walker Appointed Interim Party Leader
  • Letter to the Editor: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "Don't rank freedom on left-right scale", October 11, 1997

    In this issue: Freedom Party has become the only political party in Canada to place its official support behind an effort that has been called the most comprehensive challenge to Canada's drug laws ever launched. The constitutional challenge stemmed from a police raid on London's Hemp Nation store owned by Londoner Chris Clay. Although Clay did not succeed in his bid to have the charges against him dropped, the decision of the Ontario Court, General Division provided ample ammunition for Clay to pursue his challenge in a higher court. Plus, Freedom Party's representative in Elgin, Ray Monteith, has also been active in the campaign against drug prohibition by distributing his essay "Drugs should be legalized" to police, politicians and the media. Ray also had a letter to the editor published in the London Free Press inviting those who believe that "Canada's drug laws are no answer to the drug problem" to contact him.

    Freedom Party's support of Clay generated media coverage for us in the London Free Press and the St. Thomas Times-Journal (in Eric Bunnell's column and in a shorter article written by Times-Journal Staff). Fp president Robert Metz was mentioned in an Eye Magazine story covering the trial. And, a London Free Press editorial supporting marijuana prohibition was challenged in a rebuttal column in the Free Press written by Fp president Robert Metz.

  • Fp FEATURE: Fp supports constitutional challenge
  • Fp FEATURE: "Trivial" freedoms not protected by Charter, Judge rules
  • Fp FEATURE: Drug Laws - Monteith questions motives
  • Letter to the Editor: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "Drug-law opinions", July 12, 1997
  • Newspaper Article: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "Hemp fund helped", May 12, 1997
  • Newspaper Article: THE ST. THOMAS TIMES-JOURNAL: "People", by Eric Bunnell, April 28, 1997
  • Newspaper Article: THE ST. THOMAS TIMES-JOURNAL: "Hemp help", May 13, 1997
  • Magazine Article: EYE MAGAZINE: "One for the pot", September 4, 1997
  • Newspaper Editorial: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "Marijuana should remain illegal", August 16, 1997
  • Newspaper Editorial: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "Rights, freedoms shouldn't rely on majority view", August 21, 1997

    "Canada is not a democracy. It is a dictatorship clothed in Parliamentary garb. As in all dictatorships, freedom, at best, is severely curtailed, and at worst, ceases to exist."

    A quote from Ron Leitch, president of the Alliance for the Preservation of English in Canada (APEC) who spoke at two separate Fp dinner events.

  • Fp FEATURE: Leitch Calls for Grass Roots Action

  • Fp FEATURE: Private Meeting with Manning Fp president Robert Metz speaks to Reform party leader Preston Manning.
  • Fp FEATURE: Freedom of speech discussed Fp president Robert Metz and activist Paul Fromm speak at meeting.
  • Fp FEATURE: Voters and their government Freedom-loving citizens discuss the workings and failures of Canada's electoral system.
  • Fp FEATURE: Human Rights Commission racist, says Metz Fp President tells others his experiences of defending former London landlord Elijah Elieff.
  • Fp FEATURE: Politicians won't like it, says Pengelly Fp Don Mills Constituency Association president tells what it will take to reform welfare.
  • Fp FEATURE: Referenda report disappointing Fp leader Lloyd Walker calls Ontario government's Final Report on Referenda "a set of badly flawed recommendations".
  • Fp FEATURE: Ruling irrelevant Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario lets Human Rights Commission off the hook.
  • Fp FEATURE: "Left-Right-Center" Fp president Robert Metz becomes regular guest on highly rated London radio open line show.
  • Fp FEATURE: Fp Website - History On-Line Last issues of Freedom Flyer placed online.
  • Fp FEATURE: Vaughan elected president of Ontario PC riding association and director of Reform association.
  • Fp FEATURE: Vaughan announces re-election bid Fp executive member runs again for Board of Education Trustee.
  • Fp FEATURE: Invitations Campaign fund-raising event for Robert Vaughan.
  • Fp FEATURE: Vaughan resigns Robert Vaughan resigns from Freedom Party executive.

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