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April 1997

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  • Lloyd Walker: --- The New Dealers

    Elijah Elieff
    Elijah Elieff

    If you are a regular reader of Freedom Flyer, you may remember the documented chronicle in past issues of Freedom Flyer and Consent of Elijah Elieff's persecution at the hands of politically correct activists. The seven-year old tragedy of the deliberate targeting of Mr. Elieff, supported and endorsed by the Ontario Human Rights Commission, still has not come to an end. For the full history of the premeditated attack on an innocent businessman by, among others, United Church of Canada Reverend Susan Eagle, refer to

    IN THIS ISSUE! Justices of the Ontario Divisional Court increase the fine awarded against Elijah Elieff from $2,500 to $6,000 for alleged "racism" while never acknowledging any fact or argument presented by Mr. Elieff in his defence. Also, read The London Free Press article covering the decision, and Freedom Party's statement that the London Free Press has "grossly, consistently, and repeatedly misrepresented" Mr. Elieff's case. And, read the saga of the Ontario Human Rights Commission's evasion of Freedom Party's request for a listing of the financial expenses incurred while investigating Mr. Elieff.

  • Fp FEATURE: Court 'poisons' Ontario environment, fines London Landlord for discrimination
  • Newspaper Article: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "Tenants rejoice at racism decision", December 6, 1996
  • Fp FEATURE: Free Press defends lack of balance
  • Fp FEATURE: "Non-existent" financial records produced

    In a complete violation of private property rights, the Ontario Medical Association has called for a legal ban on smoking in the private homes of pregnant women or small children. Fp President Robert Metz was invited to London's Radio 98 daily open line program to blow holes in their arguments. And, Freedom Party constituency Association presidents Ray Monteith (Elgin) and David Pengelly (Don Mills) visited the the Ralph Benmergui Show on CBC Newsworld to advocate the legalization of drugs.

  • Fp FEATURE: Fp condemns OMA proposal to legally prohibit smoking in private homes
  • Fp FEATURE: "Tell Washington to buzz off", Monteith says on Canadian drug policy

    Freedom Party faced an inquisition which snowballed from a series of routine questions regarding the party's 1993 annual financial return. The investigation escalated from asking about a donated video tape recorder to "skulking around" the property where Fp's offices were located. No contraventions of the Election Finances Act were ever demonstrated. The story here.

  • Fp FEATURE: Freedom Party refuses compliance

  • Fp FEATURE: Politics and poverty Fp President Robert Metz tells socialists how to really eliminate poverty.
  • Fp FEATURE: Conference for Concerned Canadians Fp executives attend rewarding conference.
  • Fp FEATURE: Fireside chat with Joe Armstrong A bunch of Fp members and supporters hang out with historian and author Joe Armstrong.
  • Fp FEATURE: Consent's Calendar of Canada features hundreds of historical references Lloyd Walker's latest project is a winner!
  • Fp FEATURE: Outlook "Optimistic" Local Optimist clubs have enthusiastic response to Consent's Calendar of Canada.

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