Freedom Flyer December 1994 Cover

Freedom Flyer 26

the official newsletter of the
Freedom Party of Ontario

December 1994


ONTARIO (Today) - It takes a lot of people to make Freedom Party work, so we thought we'd take this opportunity to thank all of you who have contributed so generously in 1994 for your financial support. Your contributions make it possible for our volunteers to work for freedom. And while we're at it, let's all take the time to thank some of our volunteers (many of whom are also financial supporters) for doing the legwork that is so necessary to our success:

Our eternal appreciation certainly must be extended to Tom Ofner who, singlehandedly, has probably delivered more door-to-door literature on our behalf than anyone would ever care to look at. Thank you David Pengelly for your door-to-door deliveries in Toronto, and for being one of the most prolific letter writers to many of the major Toronto and national newspapers. Thank you Bill and Cathy Frampton for picking up Freedom Party's banner in the Ottawa area and for introducing Fp to your community. Thank you Greg Jones for driving all the way up from Clarkesville, Indiana to spend the better part of your summer vacation helping us out in the office. Thank you Gordon Mood and Carol Vandenberg for taking on the task of keeping Fp's research department in order, and an extra thanks to Gord for your public advocacy of freedom. Thank you Lloyd Walker for getting our research files and government releases all up-to-date - and for being a great dinner host! Thank you Barry Malcolm for your on-going help at our office. Thanks to both Barry Malcolm and Elijah Elieff for your help during the recent municipal election. Thank you Paul Blair for your help in the office. help with deliveries, and with just about anything we ever ask for. Thank you Ray Monteith for keeping our printing presses running whenever we run into problems. Thank you Dave Southen and Gary Milani for being great landlords! Thank you Craig Stevens and Jim Montag for your consistent support and your work with so many people in the community --- and for standing in the front lines on some of the toughest issues. Thank you Joe Renaud for your persistent defence of freedom on open-line talk shows! And thank you Patti Plant for keeping in touch with our members and supporters by phone, and for your valuable signature on Fp's official tax receipts!

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