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February 1990

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  • Robert Metz: What To Do About The GST?

    Murray HopperIn recognition of Ontario's latest increase in the legislated minimum wage on October 1, 1989, Freedom Party's Murray Hopper was invited to participate in a published debate on the merits of minimum wage laws. Opposing Hopper's free market viewpoint was United Church minister Susan Eagle, who advocated more government intervention in the marketplace. The articles were featured on the front page of the Forum section of the London Free Press, and readers were invited to phone or write their views to the paper; their responses were featured the following week. In addition to the immediate responses printed by the Free Press, the debate carried on in the paper's editorial pages over the weeks that followed.

    Hopper's case against minimum wage laws represented his third published essay in the London Free Press, and like his previous two essays on controversial subjects (on free market education and pay equity) has generated a great deal of interest in the party and the ideas we are working to promote.

    Hopper's and Eagles viewpoints are reproduced following. We invite you to decide for yourself.

  • Newspaper Opinion: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "Wage law doesn't work"
  • Newspaper Opinion: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "People before profits"

  • Fp FEATURE: Freedom Party campaigns for freedom of choice in language

  • Fp FEATURE: Clarkson BIA to stay
  • Fp FEATURE: Freedom Party barred from Welland BIA meeting

  • Absolute rights, not absolute freedom - George Irbe -- Some crucial elements which must be present to have true freedom.
  • Comments on Consent article on environment - Professor C. D. Ankney -- Reader offers example of free-enterprise environmental management.
  • Feedback from reader - Dan Chalykoff -- a letter of praise that made our day.
  • Advocate of freedom seeks like-minded people - Brenda M. Fenemore -- fellow freedom-lovers, where are you?
  • "Friedrich", not "Frederich" - Dr. William E. Goodman -- a correction in the Freedom Party 1989 Calendar of Individual Freedom.
  • Private property versus "public" property - David E. Bawden -- private property ownership is the only way to protect property from the irresponsible actions of others.

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