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Spring 1989

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  • Robert Metz: Breaking the voting habit

    The City of Welland had been dumping raw sewage into the Welland River for years.
    Fp Candidate Barry Fitzgerald
    Barry Fitzgerald

    Until Fp Welland-Thorold candidate Barry Fitzgerald raised the issue during his campaign and brought the matter to the attention of Ontario's minister of the environment, the matter had never received any significant public exposure. The controversy over why the problem had been ongoing for so long with concentrations of sewage in the river higher than those allowed by Ontario Ministry of the Environment guidelines illustrates the tragic irony that governments are still the worst offenders of anti-pollution laws.

    In the following coverage of Freedom Party's first editorially endorsed activity, read the chronicle of how it took a determined effort from Fitzgerald to fix a long-standing environmental problem.

  • Fp FEATURE: Barry Fitzgerald follows up on his election promise to battle pollution in Welland
  • Newspaper Article: THE WELLAND TRIBUNE: "Fitzgerald says he'll 'make sure' McMaster sewage cleaned up", February 7, 1989
  • Newspaper Article: THE WEEKEND GUARDIAN EXPRESS: "Order To Stop Untreated Outflow Is Expected To Be Made Of City"
  • Newspaper Article: THE ST. CATHARINES STANDARD: "Ministry orders sewer hook-up", May 7, 1989
  • Newspaper Editorial: THE WELLAND TRIBUNE: "City slow to react"

  • Fp FEATURE: Other Freedom Party grass-roots campaigns that succeeded with just the effort of one or two determined people!

  • Fp FEATURE: Workman's compensation bill critiqued

  • Fp FEATURE: Ambitious goals set by Fp executive
  • Fp FEATURE: Freedom Flyer has a new look
  • Fp FEATURE: Meet Brendalynn Metz!
  • Fp FEATURE: Emerling is back!
  • Fp FEATURE: Oakville South constituency president resigns
  • Fp FEATURE: Meet Jack Plant!

    Here's a selection of letters to Fp.

  • Writer advocates stand against forced bilingualism - Douglas Kennedy --- Official bilingualism is Forced bilingualism.
  • Reader challenges Fp's positions - Ruth Fidler --- freedom and responsibility must go hand-in-hand.
  • Writer suggests another entry for Calendar - David Morgan --- yet another struggle from the long history of freedom.
  • Praise for Calendar - Norma Marchman --- Thank you, thank you!
  • Former Ontarian wishes Fp well - John Cossar --- Alberta resident says investment in Freedom Party is "investment for all Canadians"
  • Writer takes issue with Ayn Rand entry - Michael Aubrey --- disagreement over Ayn Rand's testimony before the U.S. House Un-American Activities Committee.

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