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Summer 1987

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  • Robert Metz: --- Freeing the "Slaves"

    In Freedom Party's continuing campaign to advocate freedom of choice in Sunday shopping and abolish Sunday retail store closing laws, Fp President Robert Metz and Action Director Marc Emery testified before Ontario's all-party Select Committee on Retail Store Hours. Freedom Party also held a dinner to honour Toronto furrier Paul Magder (who is challenging the Retail Business Holidays Act all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada). Plus, more information on Freedom Party Action Director Marc Emery's day in court for Sunday opening charges; and Freedom Party presents a brief to Toronto City Council advocating that all of Toronto be designated a tourist area, thereby exempting the city from the Sunday closing requirements of the Retail Business Holidays Act.

  • Fp FEATURE: Freedom of Choice ... Even on a Sunday!
  • Newspaper Article: THE TORONTO STAR: "Sunday closing blamed on Christian intolerance", February 26, 1987
  • Fp FEATURE: Magder Dinner a Success!
  • Fp FEATURE: Emery to go to court August 20 for Sunday opening charges
  • Fp FEATURE: "WARNING! Tourist Zone Ahead!"
  • BIAs

    Read about Freedom Party's ongoing campaign to help abolish Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) Province-wide. One of the areas our campaign reached was the Bronte suburb of Oakville, where the Oakville Beaver covered the campaign accurately and fairly with a front page article, but nevertheless launched an editorial denunciation of Freedom Party's efforts. The editorial was criticised by Fp Halton-Peel representative Bill Frampton in a letter to the editor. Frampton's letter was quickly followed by a second editorial which acknowledged the problems associated with BIAs. We can only conclude that the newspaper investigated our allegations and found them to be true.

    Freedom Party was contacted by a reporter from the Halton Herald, a newspaper in the communities of Georgetown and Acton. The reporter was interested in our BIA brochure, which he had received from an affiliated newspaper in the area. The interview produced two articles on the front page of the newspaper, one with the provocative headline "Party urges town BIA to revolt", the other article advocating that BIA opponents get themselves elected to the BIA executive, then reduce the BIA budget to zero.

  • Fp FEATURE: BIA Campaigns Draw Government Backlash
  • Fp FEATURE: What is a BIA?
  • Newspaper Article: THE OAKVILLE BEAVER: Bronte BIA in trouble after pamphlet barrage
  • Newspaper Editorial: THE OAKVILLE BEAVER: Bronte needs BIA
  • Letter to the Editor: THE OAKVILLE BEAVER: BIA misrepresents case
  • Newspaper Editorial: THE OAKVILLE BEAVER: BIA on the ropes
  • Newspaper Article: THE HALTON HERALD: "Party urges town BIA to revolt", April 14, 1987
  • Newspaper Article: THE HALTON HERALD: "Overthrow plan would reduce budgets to zero", April 14, 1987
  • Newspaper Article: "Birch Cliff Loses B.I.A."
  • Letter to the Editor: THE METRO BUSINESS JOURNAL: "BIA Backlash", March 1987 issue
  • Letter to the Editor: THE METRO BUSINESS JOURNAL, March 1987 issue"

    Bill Frampton is our candidate for Mississauga East in the upcoming Ontario election, and the current Halton-Peel Representative for Freedom Party.

  • Fp FEATURE: Profile: Bill Frampton
  • Letter to the Editor: THE TORONTO SUN
  • Letter to the Editor: CANADIAN BUSINESS MAGAZINE: "Disturbing and astounding", 1987 Annual issue

    Freedom Party President Robert Metz and Vice-President Lloyd Walker presented a prepared brief to Ontario's Standing Committee on the Administration of Justice. The presentation condemned Ontario's controversial Bill 154 on Pay Equity. The bill, unprecedented in the Western world, is intended to force employers to comply with arbitrary categories defined strictly in sexual terms, created by government bureaucrats and politicians.

  • Fp FEATURE: Pay Equity legislation condemned by Freedom Party
  • Transcript of questions by members of the Standing Committee on Administration of Justice

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