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Freedom Flyer 9

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January 1987

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  • Robert Metz: --- "Better late than never"

    The Art of Political Persuasion workshop was held in London, featuring master storyteller, humourist and all around nice guy Michael Emerling. One comment overheard from a participant: "You call it a workshop, but I certainly don't regard this as work. I don't think I've enjoyed myself so much for a long time."

  • Fp FEATURE: The art of Political Persuasion --- An Experience to Remember!
  • BIAs

    Our BIA Warning brochure was originally designed to counter BIA proposals in two districts in London. But when Bob Adams of Adams Rent-all of Toronto found out about our efforts, a whole new campaign was born for Freedom Party.

  • Fp FEATURE: BIA Campaign Mushrooms Into Major Effort!
  • Newspaper Article: THE HAMILTON SPECTATOR: "Merchants meet anti-BIA group"

    When Fp member Ray Monteith first saw Freedom Party's issue paper on Ontario's Sunday closing legislation ('Never on a Sunday?') his immediate reaction was to try to get it distributed at stores which were opening on Sundays. The result was Freedom Party's campaign advocating freedom of choice on Sunday shopping: "It's your choice... even on a Sunday".

  • Fp FEATURE: Freedom Party Goes to the Marketplace to Support Sunday Choice!
  • Newspaper Article: THE ST. THOMAS TIMES-JOURNAL: "Grocery stores continue to defy Sunday closing law", December 8, 1986
  • Newspaper Article: THE GLOBE AND MAIL: "Scores of charges laid over Sunday shopping", December 15, 1986
  • Newspaper Article: THE TORONTO SUN: "Group stages blitz for Sunday choice", December 15, 1986
  • Newspaper Article: THE HALIFAX MAIL-STAR: "Ontario store owners charged for opening Sunday"
    Fp newspaper ad

    We have before us an opportunity to reach out to disillusioned voters who believe in free minds, free markets and freedom of choice, but who live in areas where they have no voice of freedom to speak on their behalf.

    You can help give them that voice!

    Freedom Party, with the financial help of its members, will be placing classified ads like this one in daily and weekly newspapers in Western and Central Ontario.

  • Fp FEATURE: Help Freedom Party's Newspaper Ad Campaign!
  • ELECTION 1987

  • Fp FEATURE: HELP WANTED! Ontario General Election Call Expected Soon!

  • Fp FEATURE: Freedom Party uses Canon to propel ideas into the community!
  • Fp FEATURE: Censorship ALERT! campaign delayed
  • One of Freedom Party's many functions is to accept invitations to high schools in Ontario and speak on freedom, freedom of choice and, of course, Freedom Party. Here, Fp President Robert Metz talks with grade 13 students at Northern Collegiate High School in Sarnia.
    Fp President Robert Metz

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