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Freedom Flyer 6

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January - June 1985

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Of all the objectives that Freedom Party has set for itself in it's first election, possibly the single most satisfying accomplishment for us is that we created a choice. As acknowledged by the election day editorial cartoon in the London Free Press, Freedom Party left its mark in the political community.

In this issue: Read about Fp's election strategy from campaign director Marc Emery and his summary of the candidates fielded in the London area. Click here to read Fp's election literature. We recount how local feminist activists did their best to make certain that Freedom Party candidates would not attend their all-candidates debates. After the dust settled, Libertarian representatives were quoted in an opinion article in The London Free Press that they considered our vote totals "disappointing". Our response to them is here. Local media coverage of our campaign is also included below. And of course, to all our supporters, thanks for making Freedom Party's first election a success!

  • Fp FEATURE: Creating a Choice - Freedom party in Election '85
  • Fp FEATURE: The Candidates and Their Campaigns
  • A reproduction of our campaign brochure "When You Never Have A Choice"
  • Fp FEATURE: Feminists Avoid Freedom Party
  • Newspaper Opinion: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "Sarnia, Woodstock eyed as political rally locales", July 13, 1985
  • Fp FEATURE: Libertarians Disappointed with Freedom Party Showing
  • Fp FEATURE: We Give Praises and Thanks

  • Editorial Cartoon: THE LONDON FREE PRESS, May 2, 1985
  • Newspaper Article: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "Fringe parties don't go anywhere - or expect to"
  • Newspaper Article: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "Candidates' debate draws small crowd"
  • Newspaper Article: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "London South candidates' meet encourages Jaycee sponsors", April 24, 1985
  • Newspaper Article: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "Students liven up election meeting"
  • Newspaper Article: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "London ridings key election battlegrounds", April 20, 1985
  • Newspaper Article: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "Freedom party has slate of candidates in election"
  • Newspaper Article: THE ORACLE - SOUTH SECONDARY SCHOOL: "Candidates speak out!", May 20, 1985
  • Letter to the Editor: THE ORACLE - SOUTH SECONDARY SCHOOL: "In defence of freedom"

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