Freedom Flyer 1 cover

Freedom Flyer 1

the official newsletter of the
Freedom Party of Ontario

January - February 1984

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Our very first issue of Freedom Flyer contains a covering letter from Freedom Party president Robert Metz to announce the arrival of Freedom Party on the provincial scene, and an introduction by Fp member Mark Pettigrew: "Damn The Torpedoes... Full Speed Ahead!"

Also, this issue contains the first installments of three-part articles by Freedom Party's Marc Emery ("Local Elections: First Avenue to Success") and Mark Pettigrew ("Freedom Phonics: Avoid Wasting Time - Recruitment Do's & Don'ts"). Plus, an article by Fp president Robert Metz ("Selling Freedom") discusses Fp's marketing strategy.

We also have an article written by Robert Metz comparing the philosophies of Ontario Premier Bill Davis and Ontario Liberal Leader David Peterson. This article originally appeared in the fall 1983 edition of the London Metrobulletin.

Plus, some Freedom Briefs about bonds required for provincial election candidacies, other freedom advocates, and offering help to other freedom loving activists.

  • Fp FEATURE: Covering letter: Dear Friend in Freedom - by Robert Metz
  • Fp FEATURE: Damn The Torpedoes... Full Speed Ahead! - by Mark Pettigrew
  • Fp FEATURE: Local Elections: First Avenue to Success - by Marc Emery
  • Freedom Phonics: Avoid Wasting Time - Recruitment Do's & Dont's - by Mark Pettigrew
  • Selling Freedom - by Robert Metz
  • Newspaper Article: THE LONDON METROBULLETIN: "Bill Peterson and David Davis: Leaders Of The Same Party", fall 1983

  • Fp FEATURE: Candidates in bondage No, not what you think ... The required bond posting for provincial candidates has increased.
  • Fp FEATURE: Freedom File - Other advocates of freedom our allies in the fight for freedom.
  • Fp FEATURE: Have Marc Will Travel Campaign manager available for rent.

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